Hi, I'm Tammy and you can find me either behind a microscope or a camera. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by day and a Sports Photographer by night...always looking at life through a lens!

I love science and I love sports, both are intriguing and complex.

I grew up in Green Bay, WI not far from Lambeau Field. As a kid, I was involved in lots of activities. I started playing softball when I was 3 years old on a team called the Yellow Bumble Bees. At age 12, while playing 3rd base for the Blue Bells, I had my best athletic moment--I made an unassisted triple play! I love softball. There's just something badass about the sport-- the hitting, the running, the chants, getting dirty and chewing seeds! I continued to play all through high school. I also twirled baton, played volleyball, and made an effort in basketball. I will confess that as a child I wanted to be a Roller Derby Queen when I grew up. Maybe it's too late, maybe not.

Now I find myself married with grown children and living in Deerfield, WI. My husband is a Varsity Basketball Coach and also is a certified basketball referee. We are both inherently competitive so naturally we encouraged both our kids to play so they too could experience the joy of SPORT...being active and healthy, making new friends, being part of a team, learning the skills and strategy of a game, learning how to compete and learning how to be a good SPORT-being both a good winner and a good loser. Growing up in a small town, both our kids were three-sport athletes. My passion for photography comes from capturing all of their moments. The photos are the tangible representations of the wonderful memories.

My son played football, basketball and baseball. He wore jersey #30. My daughter played volleyball, basketball and softball. She wore jersey #12. This is how I decided on the name 3012 Photography.  

Both of our children are now in college pursuing their dreams. My son is studying Mechanical Engineering and enjoys intramural sports. My daughter is lucky enough to continue her softball career in college while majoring in Business. Both of them will tell you that SPORTS have provided them with valuable life lessons.

I love to capture moments ...those of athleticism, grit and focus (the slam dunk, the diving catch, the slide into home, the dismount, the dancer en pointe, the race to the finish line, etc.), those moments of triumph, as well as the moments of defeat. You can feel the raw emotions in those moments when you see the athletes' faces in the photos. It is the story of the athlete- the defining play, the game, the season, the preparation, the journey of a lifetime.